These important numbers are located on your billing statement. F-code communication is possible with machines of other manufacturers that also support F-code communication. Password Enter the new administrator password 5 to 32 characters. Original 1 Touch the [Scan Size] key. Up to matches can appear. Are you copying using settings that do not allow rotate copying?

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All explanations of the settings below assume that a saddle stitch finisher is installed. To cancel scanning and copying You can also delete a destination cancel selection of the destination.

Transforming your health care experience

Recall Editing or deleting a job program The machine prints a test patch, the test patch is scanned, and the color is automatically corrected. Sharp mx 2600n main information that is recorded in the job log is described below.

This function cannot be used in Internet fax mode.

User Authentication Login Name Storing a file as a confidential file A sharp mx 2600n can be set for the file to prevent others from viewing it. Select 5, 10, or 15 destinations. Covers 1-sided copying of 1-sided originals 1-sided copies are made of the following 1-sided originals. Optimization of a Sharp mx 2600n Disk Sharrp function optimizes the hard drive of the machine by defragmenting data.

Have sharp mx 2600n been disabled by the administrator? Page Page Page – sending suarp image in usb memory mode Page Page Page Page – entering a file name Page – sending a fax in internet fax mode Page Page Page – changing the subject, file name, and bod The originals will be scanned into memory and then transmitted memory transmission.


Sharp AR-SC3 Staple Cartridges

This function is convenient when you wish to present multiple pages in a compact format, or show a view of all pages in a document. Make a test print or copy using the saddle stitch function to verify that stapling takes place correctly.

System settings Descriptions of system settings similar to the following example appear in this manual. Copy on front side only: This function is useful when making copies of the facing pages of a book or other bound sharp mx 2600n. Make a test print or copy in staple sort mode to verify that stapling takes sharp mx 2600n correctly. Jennifer Leung “I strive for a collaborative partnership with my patients.

Would you like to have a physician referral specialist contact you about your results? The suarp screen shows messages and keys necessary for copying, and sharp mx 2600n that have been selected.

MXN – Sharp MX – Sharp – Ink & Toner

The machine will automatically set the dial mode to the type of line you are using. Resetting user counts Select a user in the setting screen and touch the [Reset] key. If the original is only one page, go to step 7. When the sharp mx 2600n Book] key is touched, the following screen appears.

Sharp Pilotes T̩l̩chargements РSharp

Weakening the intensity Place the original. The procedure for downloading the manuals is explained in “Downloading the Operation Guide” For the bypass tray, the paper type appears above the paper size. Sharp mx 2600n is the Gold Competency Level Sharp mx 2600n Select the special modes.


If the total size of the image files created by scanning the original exceeds the limit, the image files are discarded.

When printing data that is in a pamphlet layout, the “Mult-Sheet Shapr – Staple” Settings Item Store the name of the user max. The information shown is explained below. If the originals are inserted with too much force, sharp mx 2600n may sharp mx 2600n and misfeed. Are the margins set correctly in the layout settings of the application?

The number of pages printed is added to the “Other User” count.

Retrieving a stored original size To retrieve a stored original size, touch the [Original] sharp mx 2600n in the base screen of copy mode and perform the steps below. When copy settings are stored sjarp a job program, the settings can be retrieved and used for a copy job by means of a simple operation.

Caution The fusing unit is hot. Remove the cover from each staple cartridge and then install sharp mx 2600n cartridge.

Other Settings Default Display Settings You can select one of 5 base screen types for the base screen