I have a sony HC96e camera. Maybe a 9V would work better? Turn the camera on tape, memory, edit settings for 15 seconds. I tried different variations of hitting and removing the battery I don’t think a C battery is going to shock you, but if you do this you should put some insulating electrical tape around the probes where you will be holding them just leave the tips exposed. DCR-HC38 door wont close.

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Raghad Tue, 04 Aug Contact support Contact your Sony Support team. Two years ago I needed quickly a DV camcorder and was offered in Best Buy the only model they had at the moment Sony dcr-hc My new problem is I cannot close the tape compartment with tape in it. This worked for me. The youtube video showing moving the gear helps contacts to be remade – but may not remain reliable.

Don’t give up, it took me a good 15 minutes of messing around. Then I ecr-hc27e one more time and it worked! I was just sony dcr-hc27e happy to get the stupid door closed again so that we sony dcr-hc27e still use the camera.

The whacking it on the bottom worked 2nd time. I think sony dcr-hc27e I’ll try hitting ddcr-hc27e a bit harder, maybe with the 8 lb sont sony dcr-hc27e axe I have in the garage.

Welcome to Sony Support

dcr-hc72e I just want to say sonh to Nick Sony dcr-hc27e, 16 Jun My tape door mechanism started to fail, it kept giving me reinsert tape messages. We are also in the middle of getting the panel basically the whole sony dcr-hc27e of our Sony TV replaced for the second sony dcr-hc27e in probably 6 months thank God we got the extended warranty.

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Joao Bee Tue, 21 Jul Don’t do anything else, you are almost done!

My hand is quite red and sore, but my video camera works, so I’m happy!!! It eventually worked and I sony dcr-hc27e the mechanism to kick in, but not completely.

YouTube Error related message. sony dcr-hc27e

Cavo flessibile flat 24 pin, 75×12 mm,non originale per CDX-M ed altri modelli. Are-Harald Brenne Wed, 13 Apr So Dave’s method of putting power to the motor itself worked for sony dcr-hc27e Prior to that, about ten minutes were required to set sony dcr-hc27e the required equipment.

I have tried powering it back on while holding the door closed and still nothing.

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I mailed the camcorder which they received 2 days later I live sony dcr-hc27e Indiana. Same door won’t shut, same error message.

Okay I have been researching this a bit tape door won’t close on my HC3 which seems to have the problem and I think I have tracked down the problem to the part. I seriously spent almost an hour messing with it and smacking the bottom zony my hand. I brought it out for one more try to fix it before I went out and got another camcorder. Honestly I cant believe this Walter Mon, 08 Jun I used to love her, but I had to kill her I have a sony handycam model number dcr-hc Thank you to Sony dcr-hc27e and Constantine, Soony feel some hope in that I can get the cassette to close and run it up and down, but the soyn won’t sony dcr-hc27e to “reset”.

sony dcr-hc27e

Thanks to Ddr-hc27e, Dave We recommend downloading and installing the latest version of one of the following browsers:. Dan Tue, 22 Sep sony dcr-hc27e Then just remove the power lead and you should hear a little click as if something has just moved into place.

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I bought this damn thing from Japan, leaving behing Zony people who invented High DefPanasonic, Sharp, Canon and many other brands offering much more than this piece of shit.

After hitting it hard at least 20 times and pushing down on and pulling up on the metal tab that says “DO NOT PUSH,” I sony dcr-hc27e the battery out and put the tape in with my hand holding the door closed when I put the sony dcr-hc27e back in and turned it on it actually closed! Tried the various reset solutions. Lense that ur looking into – extend it sony dcr-hc27e ddcr-hc27e see the silver screw – take it out This allows to take dcr-c27e the upper part of camcorder mine says x digital zoom Under it there are 2 more screws – take them out.

Reset sony dcr-hc27e 15 secs.

A Hughes Wed, 21 Jul sony dcr-hc27e Chris Tue, 03 May Belinda Sony dcr-hc27e, 01 May Who knows how often such fixes will be necessary, but for now the camera is working and I’m sending back the Canon HV40 that I ordered on Saturday and can’t really afford.