I was just so happy to get the stupid door closed again so that we could still use the camera. In the meantime, I just want to note to anyone with an HC7 that its not really worth it to try to take any of the casing off; you can reach the solder terminals with some difficulty without removing anything. Now months later it is doing it again and not working this time. Try to keep the loose ends of the wires from touching. Touched the two ‘bumps’ on the motor with wires see runamuffins picture – red positive wire to the left and the black negative on the left bumps.

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Hwndycam hit the top of the camera times on the counter and low and behold the tape descended back in to the camera. The camcorder can react now only to the external battery. Now I can close the door tape again!!! I may try this.

But I was getting ready to bin it anyway so what the hell. So Beware- the hit method works but not forever.

I then spent about 20 minutes turning it on and off, taking off battery and putting it back in, sony handycam dcr – hc46 in cord and taking it out and banging the bottom really hard in every different combination I could think of. Constantine is totally correct. Handycaj bang or make your camcorder worst, just lower the motor and the error code goes away, might have to do it a few times. Stumbled upon this forum and got my HC-3 fixed. Read them both completely.

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Sony HDR-HC3 Tape Door Won’t Close with C Error Code

I tried hitting the camera and it worked once then not again. I use hot-wiring the motor, nothing else helps. All I have sonny say is WTF? Jay Tue, 01 Dec I refuse to buy another Sony camcorder or Sony anything.

I used to fix cameras and VCRs, the the symptoms suggested mode switch error the contacts in the rotary switch which report the mechanisms position back to the microprocessor, become weak and unreliable. Surprised that Sony have not come on this site to explain possible causes and possible remedies. Mark Shaw Sun, 27 Dec I tryed battery no-off, with reset, without reset, I sony handycam dcr – hc46 tape tray by way via connect 1.

Sony Camcorder Batteries & Digital Camera Batteries

It did for us as we were about to throw two fairly new cameras away. An AA battery, two lengths of wire and it worked first time. Camera switched to ON. Jorge de Girardota Mon, 03 May Also thanks to the people who posted to hit the camera on the bottom didn’t work but hanrycam me feel beter. James Kirkwood Mon, 07 Mar Now the new tape is inside and hopefully it will work tomorrow. I’m transferring files to my computer.

I didn’t see the “beat the Hell out of your cam corder” instructions in the manual, but it sure seemed sony handycam dcr – hc46 work for me. After doing this a few times and cycling power, my camera has started working properly in terms of accepting tapes, without any outside help, which is near-miraculous at this point — as though the battery “jump started” the mechanism. Many sony handycam dcr – hc46, probably saved me a fortune either having to get it repaired or buying again on ebay. Oscar Fri, 27 Aug Nevertheless this was the only problem Hf46 had with Cannon camcorders or cameras.

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After doing this, my camera handyccam the tape – door stayed shut and tape descended into the camera. This seems to do the trick for now. Neil B Tue, 19 Oct The whole time i was holding the cassette part closed. Pushed down on the gear lightly with a screwdriver and it started working. My problem sony handycam dcr – hc46 back in June, when we charged the camera in the car–first and probably soony only time we’ll ever do that.

You sony handycam dcr – hc46 be kidding!! Me and my fiance are really happy, now we can film our 2-year-old again.

There was no moisture out there, August, nice weather, the camcorder was in perfect keeping, no speck of dust on it