Tnx on answer,and sory on bad english. Then i move the screen upwards and downwards, its come back. After few seconds, I can hear noise and screen light turns off within 2 minutes. I just replaced the inverter in my Dell m, and the display is still not working properly. PaulQ August 11,

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I also notice that it sometimes it reacts when I touch the screen making problems disappear or making even worse which makes me think there is somewhere, something making a bad connection to my display. Sony vaio pcg-8v1l, you cannot tell which one is failing without testing the laptop with another working inverter vaik of backlight lamp.

How to test screen inverter

Is it the Inverter? If not, you can try replacing the backlight lamp or just replace the whole LCD screen. Sony vaio pcg-8v1l am really glad about this. They are not expensive. Hi, I have a Dell Inspironrecently the inverter broke. So I have a similar story to what pcg-8v1 sony vaio pcg-8v1l of people have posted here.

I have a Dell Inspiron laptop where the LCD goes black at apparently random times after being turned on.

When it 1st started,I could tap the bottom of the laptop it would come back on, but nothing brings it back now. Any wisdom and or advice would be greatly appreciated. Did you buy it from a reputable seller? Sony vaio pcg-8v1l it that copper circle next sony vaio pcg-8v1l F1 sign? Israelinkvm May 12, Could I have received two bad replacement screens? I have refitted old screen with original inverter for time being and have good brightness with increasing number of thin vertical lines.


Maybe the video cable is not making good connection with the motherboard. I work only sony vaio pcg-8v1l laptops. I now for sure know what to buy then. There is only one reliable way to test the inverter — replacing it with another one and see if the screen lights up after that.

How to test screen inverter | Laptop Repair

Would that make a difference or is it more likely that the new screen is simply defective? Will it happen again if you replace the inverter? Please advise what you think sony vaio pcg-8v1l this development.

If sony vaio pcg-8v1l replaced both but still experiencing the same problem, it could be related to the motherboard. Enter the BIOS setup menu and wait.

The area over the inverter was getting really really hot. Mark December 20, The screen is bright and you can see it, so the inverter works properly. The backlight stays on for a few minutes and then fails again. It always re-lights if I sleep and resume or whenever I start an external monitor. I am suspecting that the LCD screen is going bad but wonder if there would be anything else that would sony vaio pcg-8v1l causing that issue?


Take a closer look at the screen. Is there a chance the acer sony vaio pcg-8v1l Toshiba one will be killed. I then installed connector properly and screen lit up fine, but image is still garbled. Screen shows strange colors. Screen is still quit legable with pcg-8v1o distortion of images.

Please can you help me …. Sony vaio pcg-8v1l my laptop is very dim and i cannot brighten it.

I have a screen thats is really bright and everything is washed out, Mouse pointer is sony vaio pcg-8v1l visible if it stops moving faio fades in and out slowly when you stop and start it. I have an Vai zecl. Does anybody have similar experience? Hi, Nice site to stumble upon. Some sizzle then went dark. It is still the same no matter what settings I change. I am not sure whether subsequent boots were also displaying the dimmed screen or the screen was entirely black.

Memphis January 12, Does it go to sleep mode when you close the lid?