I have replaced the keyboard with a new one. Could you please send me instructions on how to remove the keyboard?. Jana July 26, Amar October 9, Is there a trick or a tool for doing this? I broke the little plastic, keyboard-to-motherboard, lock-down connector on the Toshiba.

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In this case the laptop not worth fixing because the whole motherboard has to be replaced. Remove and replace the keyboard. Try reinstalling Windows in this case. Only one key for each windows session but not a specific one. On the left image the connector is closed. It sony vaio pcg-9s1l showing the following Message after the Toshiba Window.

I have a Toshiba LD laptop. I am now using a USB keyboard. I would really hate to ruin my laptop not knowing what sony vaio pcg-9s1l do. Is there any way to do this without taking the entire top of the laptop apart?

Rodney Epker December 13, Do not forget that the keyboard is still connected to the motherboard. Jeff Evenson May 7, Corwin December 18, Make sure the cable is properly connected, reseat the cable. Unplug the AC adapter and remove the battery. Hi Vail was taking pcg-99s1l a packard bell dot se netbook to clean it when i was re-assembling it the keyboard ribbon cable will not sony vaio pcg-9s1l engage, somy white line on the ribbon is not lining up with the sony vaio pcg-9s1l connector i tried blowing out the connector with compressed air and cleaning the ribbon with isopropol but still no good im sony vaio pcg-9s1l if im doing it right the ribbon goes sony vaio pcg-9s1l the brown and white connectors and then you push down locking tabs on each side of the connector what do you think time for a new keyboard?

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This site does help a lot in fixing the problems with laptops easily. I have two screw holes on my original V Keyboard.

Many thanks for an informative article. Zaheer October 30, For assembly instructions follow all the steps sony vaio pcg-9s1l the reverse order. Thanks a million again for saving me from so much trouble.

First of all, you stop using the laptop right away. Thank you so much!

And your excellent instructions allowed me to so easily replace this myself. If you are looking for laptop disassembly instructions, check out laptop service manuals. Long Nguyen January 2, A few keys came off typical cheap sony vaio pcg-9s1l and all I have a new one coming, and need to know how to tear it down for removal, then sony vaio pcg-9s1l.

I would like to ask, hope somy can help me.

Removing and replacing keyboard

Now with the help of pictures given here I successfully managed to reach to the ribbon cable and removed it. Seun November 14, I have kept lot of data in its Hard Disk and now i couldnt able to view and also i sony vaio pcg-9s1l take the Back up. Ken January 3, Rommel April 1, sony vaio pcg-9s1l I had no idea this was so easy. Carefully move the connector lock millimeters up and after that pull the keyboard cable. Eugene October 7, Pfg-9s1l am facing a problem with the same.


Can you offer any advice for someone in this situation? Sony vaio pcg-9s1l be similar for some other Sony notebooks too. Release the plastic latch pointed with the red arrow and lift up the keyboard.

Removing and replacing keyboard | Laptop Repair

I am afraid Il be spending a huge amount to have it repaired which makes me think if its worth it. I have replaced the keyboard with a new one. I just purchased a new keyboard and would greatly sony vaio pcg-9s1l it if you have any info that you can share with me. Can anyone post a higher resolution picture of the sony vaio pcg-9s1l connector pcg-9s1p and closed like the last picture above.

The keyboard removal instructions will be almost the same for most modern Toshiba laptops. Remove two or more screws. Pcg-91sl keyboard connects to the motherboard via a flat ribbon cable. Ergun June 7, You can fix it using this guide: Thanks for any suggestions.