I just really need help. I have messed with the focus, the tracking and whatever else I could think of on the projector. Even using a different model pcg-frv27 i was able to sub out some different instructions and it works GREAT! There are 2 video cables listed for Toshiba Satellite AS screen. I noticed that the bottom part of the LCD screen is brighter than the top part from the backlight. Might be just a bad screen. I then uninstalled the driver, and hardware, rebooted, reinstalled, and all is still the same.

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The laptop had a faint image on the screen, the external pct was fine. Thanks for the posts and pictures, I know this sony vaio pcg frv27 time. I have jiggled the switch for the backlight as you have suggested here and occaisionaly a faint image would appear, but it disappears pretty much right away.

VAIO Recovery Disk – Guide for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8

Sony vaio pcg frv27 did I need to detach the ribbon keyboard bezel in order to remove the keyboard? I was wondering if it might pg a loose video cable or something like that. Test the hard drive.

Try to reseat or replace the video cable. Problem now is somy the OS is not completely installed, as when it re-starts to finish the OS installation it sonyy freezes at the windows logo again. When it does start up there appears to be a reddish hue to the screen for a moment. But sony vaio pcg frv27 the computer is only running on battery power, the backlight will stay on until the battery dies.


I guess that original inverters for this model had a defect and Toshiba had to modify them somehow to prevent the backlight failure. Have you tried to reinstall the video driver? I tried different compatible RAMS and still the same problem.

How to troubleshoot and fix video problems

Since you are on the topic of bad motherboards, any suggestions sony vaio pcg frv27 to what motherboards will fit this setup. So I bought the new part and without seeing your description I disassembled my PC. Yep, it could be a bad inverter board. Are you sure that your laptop came with a SATA drive? There are 2 cables listed for Toshiba Satellite PS Now it still doesnt power on…They wall charger sony vaio pcg frv27 green and then when I go to plug it into the computer it makes a wierd noise and the charger light goes off black then if I unplug the charger from the lap top it turns back to green on the wall charger.

They just took all my content and change watermarks on all pictures. If the external video is fine, then most likely the video cable is bad replace the cable or the video connector on the system board is bad replace the motherboard. Just sony vaio pcg frv27 case, try reseating memory modules.

If you try to re-solder the memory slot, you can sony vaio pcg frv27 damage the board. The screen has an extremely slow response time, it is very blury. I have a HP pavilion zv and my display is showing green where white should be and red where black should be. Then the screen goes back to one line of pixels and then to seveveral lines of pixels in any new windoe that opens. Did you remove the CPU from the socket during the disassembly process?


Thanks for you help!

So I restarted laptop and external monitor was perfect. Unplug both fan cables from the motherboard. If you can, try pxg sony vaio pcg frv27 the video card first. Also, is the video integrated on this model. It looks like they have the video driver for Windows Me. But in real life, you just cut off the melted ffv27 and solder a new tip if you can find one. Maybe you have too many applications running at the same time, maybe you have a virus or spyware clogging the system, etc… Have you tried reinstalling Windows from scratch?

Hi, great guide I used it to replace my dc power jack on my pcg-k NOW my question is should I replace the charger with a About an inch to the right of center there is an inch sony vaio pcg frv27 vertical stripe that is adding frvv27 significant blue tinge to any video displayed there and certain colors get streaked across it horizontally.

Thanks for the response! However better too much than too little — but I would have preferred a specific answer.