Elizabeth August 18, Turns out it was the connection on the back of the LCD, instant hero. This is still the case? Charles Santerre October 16, However it only shows white screen with horizental lines on it when swithed on which turn gloomy and disappear with time. I have Sony Vaio VGN-CRE laptop and today when i tried to pull back the screen, many white stripes showed up and they worked their way up to almost all white screen. Whenever l press f5 or Windows botton l will notice a movement at the left topmost part of the screen btween the screen and the case.

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Also, when I tried to leave my laptop for 5 minutes, the screen saver will say No graphic driver found.

I checked with Laptop electricians, not very good in this country, and they suggested to change the LCD. Will it work in safe mode? Could be just loose connecting between the cable sony vaio vgn-cr25g screen.

My sony vaio vgn-cr25g knocked her laptop off the table whilst open. I thought sony vaio vgn-cr25g would have to be logged into windows for the function keys to work but from your photos it looks like you have the boot sequence showing up on the external monitor…. Nothing is loading, nothing is happening.

My old Toshiba S sony vaio vgn-cr25g perfectly for over 6 years. Can u help me fix the problem because, i have so much memory on it. Sometimes I am able to work for very long and suddenly it happens. Colin August 26, Could be just loose connection. If the laptop works fine after reinstalling the OS, try replacing the laptop screen. Vgn-c2r5g have tried external monitor and it shows some red and orange bars.


When i attach an external monitor, i can use it.

It seems the longer I let the monitor rest the longer I have until it turns to white and then colors. Try reconnecting sony vaio vgn-cr25g cable. Most likely you still can use the laptop with an external monitor. Especially sony vaio vgn-cr25g it was a 2k business notebook at the time of purchase. Anne June 5, The external video works fine? Vgm-cr25g is 30pin 40pin and 50pin connectors and also these three some times are led connectors too.

LCD screen turned completely white

Alyssa March 25, She is taking it to someone to look at today. Your first try was right: Most likely this is some kind of hardware related problem. The problem has not returned ever since I put a ventilated tray sony vaio vgn-cr25g and not to leave sony vaio vgn-cr25g on all day long. Imean it gets black that you can not see any thing. sohy

LCD screen turned completely white | Laptop Repair

Yo man i knew you was right you just saved me bucks from getting a new screen my sony vaio vgn-cr25g was hangin buy a thread when i took apart the screen thank you soooooo much. It just goes in different timesmore so now then sony vaio vgn-cr25g. Came vgn-xr25g to just tossing the unit until I ran across this site.

Where do you recommend I get one? Also, this can be a problem with the motherboard or graphics card. I carefully unscrewed it and manipulated the cables, but none had any effect. You can hear it start up fine but the screen JUST stays blank.

I think what can cause a white screen like mine is the display ic on the motherboard. Vaaio has sony vaio vgn-cr25g up my white screen problem; I guess the auto detection function is messed up and that is why you get a white screen. When the display sony vaio vgn-cr25g closed, it activates the lid close switch and the backlight goes off.


But I need to make sure if it can be hooked up on the inside first. I sony vaio vgn-cr25g used your website in the past and have donated.

Image is best if the screen is viewed from the angle closest to the hinge. Sony vaio vgn-cr25g rubber extension for the button was clean and the switch itself does not seem loose at the circuit board. I had the same problem. I was still kind of scared of what sony vaio vgn-cr25g happen to the battery or the screen though so I decided to turn it off and charge it. So, sony vaio vgn-cr25g for this website and its recommendation to reseat the cables, and to several posters who made the point to push the cables in vzio.

I have updated my graphics card and its built into my motherboard. Carefully peel back adhesive tape that holds plug in place, reconnect plug and replace tape.

Sometimes I can get it back to normal by pulling the screen back and forward. I tried to connect my laptop into our flat screen tv using HDMI and it actually works sony vaio vgn-cr25g as soon as it finish loading.