Picture is very dim but visible right from the start. Start removing the bezel as it shown on the picture below. Thanks, and you were right. Deja un mensaje de agradecimiento al autor de esta respuesta: If it is the hinge why does the screen come on for 1 sec after desktop loads and help would please and thank you for such a great tutorial. Could be bad memory module. The video cable connected directly to the screen.

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I am trying to repair a sony SZ Unplug cable from the LCD and inverter. Now my problem is that my new screen only has one plug coming from the LCD and the stock inverter and the old LCD has two.

How to remove screen from Sony Vaio VGN-SZ – Inside my laptop

Can you tell me if the graphics is in the motherboard or is a separate card? The screen is really dim, and plugged into an external monitor works well. I can see it working in the back ground but it is dark.

Both old and new screens aony to have their sony vaio vgn nr498e attached inverter board attached to it…and there is only one connector….

Remove the screen bezel. It sounds like you damaged the LCD screen and it has to be replaced.

Will probably replace that soon too. I pulle the bezel off and the screen but your photos show a video cable taped to the vng of sony vaio vgn nr498e screen. Should I replace the whole screen? W e can really help You to teach Your equipment to work properly The backlight lamp sony vaio vgn nr498e inside the screen.


Replacing the vggn seems like a haze. I have sony vaoi SZ23GP series from hongkong. Both have very similar failure symptoms. I was looking through your guide and it is really great, but it seems like my laptop is a little different from the one in the picture above. The backlight lamp gets power from the inverter board. First vsio all, I would try reconnecting the video cable.

Any suggestions for repair or replacement?? Will it still go off when you unplug the adapter?

I had a new screen so I put it in but it does the same thing. I am not handy at all so vyn apprehensive about taking about the screen. Is it the display at all or possibly a bad driver software?

I was wondering if you would be familiar with upgrading displays. The screen is extremely dim and cannot be seen under normal circumstances. Can you please explain how I can test the inverter?

How to remove screen from Sony Vaio VGN-SZ645

If external video also has horizontal lines on the bottom I really doubt ityou have a faulty video card. The laptop still operates fine, just the screen light spny out. Thanks very much for your detailed reply. Is so, is sony vaio vgn nr498e hard to do? This site is great!!!


No puedo instalar driver en windows 7 [Resuelto]

Swapped out the sony vaio vgn nr498e in about 20 minutes. Mine does not have this. Eduardo – 10 abr a las Thank you for helping me out. Tested the video card using an external monitor, beautiful picture.

Nancy, I want to replace the screen for him because it is so incredibly expensive to have sony fix sony vaio vgn nr498e. Pressure on the bottom of the cover or switching screen angle sometimes helps. Can the contact s get worn out or dirty?? Exactly how do I reset the cables once I have taken apart the screen? Also, do you have a lid close switch on your laptop? You cannot tell what is causing the problem without testing the laptop with another screen. If anyone sony vaio vgn nr498e help id be very grateful.

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