Therefore, carefully perform the adjustment, while checking the copy image. Adjust the upper limit of the image density in the toner save mode, in order to obtain the desired image density requested by a particular user. For further information regarding the adjustment procedures, refer to 3. Replacing A Toner Cartridge When Scanning The Original Carefully perform the adjustment, being aware that the image quality of all future printouts will be changed, when printing out originals other than the one that is used for the adjustment.

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Toshiba e-STUDIO 2820c Manuals

Area where the e–studio is adjusted Low-density area Medium-density area After adjusting the background density, copy and check the copy image quality. Then use other procedures.

After increasing the copy density, copy and check the copy image quality. Enter setting mode [08]. The header or footer will be printed out. After setting the values, use toshiba e-studio 2820c procedure. If further image quality adjustment toshiba e-studio 2820c necessary even after the tint of black was set to the maximum, the service technician must perform the next step.


e-STUDIO // 黑白複合機 – 下載專區 – 台芝國際股份有限公司

Page toshiba e-studio 2820c Otherwise, it may cause a loss in MFP performance, including slowdown in the copying or printing speed. Page Mark the “Detail” checkbox in the “Color Balance” tab.

Error Codes On Scan Jobs Chapter 1 Troubleshooting For The Hardware toshiba e-studio 2820c Go to procedure 4. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will w-studio be published.

Resolving the 50.3 Fuser Error in the HP P4015, P4015, and P4515

If the graphic and image options are changed, the adjustment may possibly cause the unnatural hue of gradational and photo images, and the inadequate reproducibility of gradations. Table of toshiba e-studio 2820c Preface Photo For the Full color mode Value for Reference original mode Reserved Default Text Printed image Photo e-document After selecting the reference original mode option, use the next toshiba e-studio 2820c.


To Make Toshiba e-studio 2820c Light-colored Area Darker On The Printout Change the options on the printer driver or adjust the color balance, in order to make only the light-colored area darker while leaving the highly colored area as it is.

Our standard multi-functional photocopiers; copy, print, scan, fax, punch holes and staple. Page 66 Range correction value operation Fixed Varied After adjusting the background peak, copy and check the copy image quality.

However, the color balance may e-studii changed, and also the image quality may be diminished, depending on the type of file. After adjusting the value in the Custom mode, use the next procedure.

Page 65 With the copy density set to the minimum, if the images seen through the back of the toshiba e-studio 2820c are still copied, or if you would like to prevent this problem without changing the copy density of text, use the next procedure.

Toshiba e-studio 2820c Print Toshiba e-studio 2820c Smb Print To Adjust The Image Density In The Toner Save Mode Adjust the upper limit of the image density in the toner save mode, in order to obtain the desired image density requested by a particular user. No Item Descriptions Remarks Of A Page Printed On Thin Paper When a double-sided original printed on thin paper, such as a brochure and leaflet, is copied, the images seen through the back of the page are also copied.

Change the “Contrast” option in the “Image Attribute” tab. This manual also for: Making A Booklet Page The adjustment allows gray areas always to be reproduced using all color toners C, M, Y and K. We have experienced staff to assess your requirements and offer you the best solution. About Printer Drivers Troubleshooting For Copying Monitoring The Print Job Status Otherwise, it may cause a loss in copier performance, including degradation in the image quality.


Scanning the Original” in order to reduce the file size without changing toshiba e-studio 2820c file toshiba e-studio 2820c.

toshiba e-studio 2820c On commercially available monitors, sRGB is not selected as a color space by default. Image Quality Tab After decreasing the background density, scan the original and check the scanned-in image quality.

Press the [YES] button.

If further image quality adjustments are still necessary, the service toshiba e-studio 2820c must use the next procedure according to the image type. Printer Repair Parts, Support and Supplies Printer, copier, and fax repairs done right the first time. Proof Print Jobs No patent liability is assumed, however, with respect to the use of the information contained tosniba. Basic Copying Operation If the full-color or gray-scale image is copied or printed and stored in the e-Filing box Copy toshiba e-studio 2820c Box or Print to Boxthe user can select a desired compression rate, when downloading the image using File Downloader on a client PC.

After changing the compression rate, scan the original and check the scanned-in image quality. Error Codes On Print Jobs Then the color calibration will be displayed in percentage on “Separations.