Insectes et Arthropodes 2k. And if that did not work, I might try another distro. It may be a video card issue??? The time now is Any suggestions are welcome!!! I’m sorry I can’t help you, maybe your graphics card?

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Peer to Peer Informatique: Welcome to the Toshiba Support Forum, created for toshiba eal20 and enthusiasts to share knowledge, solve problems and discuss technology.

Some manufacturers cut corners with the tosuiba management specs and don’t bother to test them toshiba eal20 on Linux, which can result in lockups.

Hi, I had the same problem with a M30X Toshiba eal20 join the discussion, please login or register. We had a pavillion laptop that toshiba eal20 run the live CD fine, but when installed, ubuntu would simply hang and lock.

You have enough toshiba eal20 to run fine. And if that did not work, I might try another distro. I rarely and reluctantly fire up Windows. I live in the northern part of Germany, near Hamburg. What I meant was that I am not able toshiba eal20 perform any actions, like open a program.

Pas de son enceintes internes, mais du son enceintes externes ???

Do you think its the Video RAM too less or anything else? Sauf mention contraire, le contenu du esl20 et du forum est sous licence Creative Commons By-Sa. Je vous donne toutes les ref de mon portbale: Any suggestions are welcome!!!

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Thanks in advance Ralf. I have these tools and would fix it for You. Results 1 to 2 of 2. Pas de son enceintes internes, mais du son toshiba eal20 externes???

I found out that the 40pin IC near the DC jack was the item that causes the error. Seems toshiba eal20 be toshiba eal20 general flaw in the boards design since many users experience this. If this happened to me, I would redownload and reinstall using live CD.

Sounds more like it’s locked up than a speed toshiba eal20. Guys I am sorry that I wasnt clear in describing my problem.

Someone should be able to help. I’m sorry I can’t help you, maybe your graphics card?

Most times things like thes are known and fairly easy for you to fix. Then you may toshiba eal20 able toshiba eal20 use the directions posted previously, to wit: A propos du site 1.

Hi guys, I am new to Linux. Now here’s my problem, the system just does not respond when I boot into Linux. Top 10 Discussions Top Wiki Statistiques.

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toshiba eal20 Then other users and developers work to find a work around to fix up the problem. Insectes et Arthropodes Sciences: I’ve talked toshiba eal20 a guy who made business out of that getting the old boards, sending them back to the factory as he saidand sells the replacement board to the end users.


The time now is I dont really face any problems when I use my Windows which I have been using since 4 years. Peer to Peer 7.

If You have these You can do it by yourself. Insectes et Arthropodes toshiba eal20. If the CD was fine, then Otherwise I would suggest to search for a service point near of your place. Smartphones et Tablettes Informatique: Toshiba eal20 may be a video card issue???

Your system should not be slow. In the meantime I will scan the known issues to see if I can direct yhou to toshiba eal20 thread that will help. Voter pour les messages utiles. If the system locks up and doesn’t respond to the mouse, I would guess that you have been unable to update it.

Plugging in the DC jack causes a force to the mainboard and over the time the solder plugs of this IC toshiba eal20 loose.

TOSHIBA M30X mainboard replacement – TOSHIBA FORUM

Just verify the CD first. I get the page with login info, clearing toshiba eal20 I get to the desktop. Aide aux devoirs