The last one is the most inexpensive. Is there anything else I will need to do ie. The LCD solution seems right. And Do you know the Toshiba Satellite AS part number for the lcd because I searched for lcds and they have many different part numbers. I plugged in an external monitor and see the bad Toshiba image.

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If the cooling module is not seated properly, it will explain why your hard drive and the DVD drive is running hot.

Zasilacze do laptopów – Szukaj części – Konfigurator QOLTEC

Do you know where to get a restore cd for a satellite AS I have an AS What can I use to keep the fans from spinning that is non-conductive? I have owned the Toshiba satellite a105 s361 for 13 months and have already gotten my motherboard replaced twice by Toshiba repair centers. Hi i have a Toshiba M35X laptop and it shus down by iself.

My computer is toshiba satellite a105 s361 satellige and I am not able to play any movie files satfllite the computer automatical shuts down. If I use compressed air blown through the side, maybe with a vacuum cleaner sucking underneath, say, once a week starting now, should that keep it under control? Also you can try a laptop cooler.

It just can t start. Most likely this is happening because of a loose part. I wonder what the problems is. Hey, I sateolite followed satelliye disassembly guide, absolutly flawless. Weight may vary depending on actual configuration.

I had toshiba satellite a105 s361 problem for so long, I tried to dismantle it, but never figured out how.

I advise anyone with the same problem with any kind of laptop to try the same. You can see fans through the grill on the bottom. Help very appreciated… Thank you again for your teachings!


Toshiba Drivers Download

If it doesn’t appear as a Control Panel applet on your computer, you may be able to download it from the Toshiba Support website as part of the Toshiba Utilities package toshiba satellite a105 s361 your model.

Hi Brandon, Most of the time the toshiba satellite a105 s361 shuts down not because of a noisy fan but because of a clogged heatsink. I think it may be something to do with software but Im afraid to run the restore dvd because if the machine goes to standby while restoring it could be a disaster. If you do not see a prompt to press the F2 key, then immediately press and hold the Esc key for three seconds, and then release it.

Toshiba Satellite CB

Hi Rachel, Try to clean the heatsink and the fan without laptop disassembly first. It turns out the heat sink was filled with dust, literally filled. The PC will have to be tohsiba off not suspended, or in standby mode, or in hibernation mode for this method to work. You are a lifesaver for those of us out here with out of warranty Toshiba laptops. That could be your solution to prevent laptop overheating.

Thank you very much for a toshiba satellite a105 s361 webpage!!! Thank you very much for this very helpful and informative website. I was hesitating to dismantle it since everytime I touch computer part, sometime Toshiba satellite a105 s361 broke something hehe.

Toshiba Sound Card Drivers Download

The problem, I think, is that the cooler was sucking the air directly away from toshiba satellite a105 s361 intake fan on the bottom of my poorly designed Toshiba, thereby negating the effects of the computer cooling system.

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I think you can decrease the CPU temperature if you use a good thermal compound, for example Artic Silver. I would suggest the following steps. If the CPU heatsink is not clogged with dust and lint completely, you toshiba satellite a105 s361 use canned air and just blow it inside the laptop through the openings on the bottom and on the sides.

Joseph, Yep, this gray stuff on the top of the CPU is thermal grease and before you assemble the laptop back, you must apply new layer of the grease because the old one is already removed.

The optimized usage toshiba satellite a105 s361 the battery is fully charging it and discharging it from time to time.

I applied Arctic Silver thermal conductor between them and I feel that probably did the trick. I cannot say for sure if you voided the warranty, it depends where you bought the warranty and who is covering your laptop.

Pentium R 4 CPU 3.

You cannot see sagellite stuff by just looking thru the fan grids…that always looked clean to me!! If the heatsink is clogged then the fan rotation speed might stay on high all the time.