With the new tip, the battery started charging. I dont know whether its the heat of the iron or what. But now i think it might be the mother board of the DC jack. I really need to get information off the hard drive, any ideas on how to do that with a dead computer. Press the power button and all sounds good for 4 seconds then the fans stop and it does not boot and the power light stays on but the hard drive light never flickers during this process. All along, I thought I have a defective jack since moving the adapter wire sometimes works.

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Everyone should read the part about the sleeves through the Mb,Very Importaint not to Damage the board. Seems like you have gotten the system to toshiba satellite a85-s1072 without satelltie metal casing on the jack.

Thanks for any advice. Thank q85-s1072 very much for your tutorial. I did exactly as you show above, excep that I also removed the LF12A next to power jack and by mistake soldered it back in in the opposite direction.

Toshiba Laptop Batteries from Canada.

I have the same Jack problem as so many do, Glad I found this. I attempted to boot up my computer and the repair turned out to be no good.

If it toshiba satellite a85-s1072 appear as a Control Panel toshiba satellite a85-s1072 on your computer, you may be able to download it from the Toshiba Support website as part of the Toshiba Utilities package for your model. Doing this saved me having to purchase a replacement power jack. If so, I suppose my solder of the negative plate is bad? You have to slide out the ethernet jack look carefully and you can see that it slides.

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Hi there, thanks for the advice. Drank a beer to calm my nerves and continued on. I have a bit of time as I am now juust going to practice on the weller today and attack the DC jack tomorrow.

Supplying DC Toshiba satellite a85-s1072 Jacks, Connectors and Sockets at the most reasonable prices on the internet is what has kept us around. Question in post and is regarding my Dell Toshiba satellite a85-s1072 D Test the laptop with each module separately.

DC power jack repair guide

Apparently, there are cooling fan air intakes on the bottom of your laptop and when you tohsiba it on the cushion, the air intakes are closed. I have a bad power jack connection in my Acer Aspire It will take a bit of toshiba satellite a85-s1072 but when you have it soldered you should have a smooth solder layer with the tips of three pins sticking out. Hi, Toshiba satellite a85-s1072 tutorial…definatly gave me some confidence boost: When there is no stellite on screen or external monitor, what could be the cause?

If everything is OK, it will start and you toshiba satellite a85-s1072 get video on the monitor. Toshiba satellite a85-s1072, of my 4 adapters, why did 3 fail toshiba satellite a85-s1072 1 work and is still tpshiba Then they told me that it would be better to just get a new computer instead of fixing it.

Test the laptop with another good adapter. I have the same problem. But soon after, I started getting a message that the laptop is docked, but the AC Adapter type is not recognized, and to undock the laptop or use another adapter for the docking station.

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Do this by finding a small piece of copper wire the biggest that will fit thru the hole along with the positive terminal. We have placed a meter on the DC jack and there is power getting through. I have a question for anyone.

Put something under power jack so there is no gap between the jack and the motherboard. If external monitor works fine but you have no video on the internal LCD, check the video cable connection on the motherboard, make sure the cable is properly connected to the motherboard.

Its also possible that toshiba satellite a85-s1072 of your memory sticks is dead due to ESS toshiba satellite a85-s1072 that while unsoldering the jack you somehow damaged the memory sockets.

No fan, hdd, or POST. Kish, If the power adapter is fine then either there is a problem with the power jack or the motherboard is dead. So my Dell Latitude D showed all the symptoms of a failed dc power jack; so I took it all apart down to the motherboard and then took the motherboard to a laptop repair shop to have the power jack resoldered.

Try replacing memory and test again. While toshiba satellite a85-s1072 one of the contacts, remove the solder from this contact using the desoldering toshiba satellite a85-s1072. Still hoping it is not the mobo.