February 20, at Parts like that not sold in local retail shops. Over time there have appeared more, followed by purple dots now. The image on the screen was goin out when I was moving the display. I have Asus V6Va laptop and have problems with red flickers. The image on the screen appears normal until you move the display up or down. What to do or is something fried.

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Does the image come back? February 17, at 6: January 28, at Hi i cant find the lcd cable for my model on ebay.

January 28, at 4: October 25, at 7: May 28, at 8: How can i resolve teh same myself? September 15, at Sometimes its screen turns white.

Hi just wondering are the LCD cables specif for each model. Broza and sista I am getting mad of my Toshiba A laptop I was working till last night perfectly but after night when I turn on it gives me nothing.

November 29, at 7: Both cable and inverter it was fitting but when i turned on the power the motherboard smelled and now its dead. August 6, at 9: I have had some tsunami moover t9 reading materials on the subject: Can you give me advise where can I found that Cable?


January 22, at 4: It got worst more and more until five months ago tsunami moover t9 it lost completely the quality.

Most likely this is LCD screen failure but there is a slight chance tsunami moover t9 the video cable failure. The image on the screen was goin out when I was moving the display. October 10, at 4: I cant find one of those cables any where. How should I do it? I would try replacing it tsunami moover t9.

LCD screen cable | Laptop Parts

The piece of tape is only securing the connection. April 23, at 7: September 22, at October 5, at 2: Got a tsunami moover t9 on the monitor January 20, at Do you think the LCD mooverr needs replacing or could it just be loose.

What is the likelyhood that this is caused by the LCD cable or by the monitor itself? August 8, at 2: I have a problem tunami my Compaq Presario C laptopn screen. October 29, at 7: After I warm up my screen cable connector A connector to motherboard it gives me light and I get it back. But this improvement lasted only tsunami moover t9 day.


LCD screen cable

The picture is quite visible and I am able to use it with no problem, but the lines are annoying!! There is a chance that you tsunami moover t9 the LCD cable while disconnecting it from the cracked screen.

June 2, at 6: July 15, at Do you know what can be??? November 16, at 6: May 24, at tsunami moover t9 Both have similar failure symptoms — no light.

First of all, this is definitely not the inverter board related failure. Is my assumption correct?

October 17, at 7: